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Emma & Rob's Quirky Skipbridge Wedding

Updated: Feb 6

Tuesday 31st August 2021, Skipbridge Country Weddings York

Photography by Rhi Scotchbrook Photography

Emma & Rob share a mutual love for ‘all things geeky’ as Emma puts it herself! On their first encounter, Rob asked her how geeky she was on a scale of 1 to 10, and her response was “9 and 3/4” - absolutely brilliant!

From Harry Potter, to Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars, it’s the passion and appreciation of all these fandoms that brought them together, and continues to play a massive role in their lives and relationship, so there was no doubt that these themes would play a crucial role in their love story milestones. Rob proposed to Emma at Warner Bros Studio Tours, The Making of Harry Potter. He got down on one knee and popped that very special question right in front of the extremely impressive model of Hogwarts, how perfect is that?! Emma and Rob wanted these elements to make a tasteful appearance on their wedding day, and if you ask me, they did the most wonderful job.

The wedding day took place at Skipbridge Country Weddings, with an outdoor ceremony, a fabulous tipi that hosted the reception, and even a Hobbit hole - how fitting?!

As guests made their way to be seated, Rob waited in anticipation for the arrival of his bride, with the sound of their favourite theme tunes playing in the background.

Emma looked drop dead gorgeous to say the least, absolutely rocking her fabulous dress by Ava Rose Hamilton, her hair and make-up was done by Madison Croft, and her fabulous flower bouquet with a personalised decoration with loved ones photographs who could not be there to celebrate with them, was made by Ducks & Daffodils. Preceded by the lovely flower girls, including Emma's and Rob's daughters, Emma made an emotion filled entrance with her bridesmaid and pageboy, Rob's son by her side.

The ceremony was intimate and beautiful, and was not just the bringing together of two lovely people, but in fact two lovely families.

Emma and Rob are a fun loving couple, and it was super important to them that their guests enjoyed every minute of the celebration with a variety of entertainment provided throughout the day. With live acoustic music being played during the day and throughout the evening by 24 Live, a magician Josh Benson to wow both the adult and children with his mind boggling tricks, an instant photo booth to pull some silly faces and crazy poses, and of course plenty of delicious food, provided by Blues Catering! Not to mention Skipbridge's animal petting area with goats, ponies, donkeys, chickens and alpakas! There really was something for everyone :)

A few extra special details included the wedding rings which were bespokely made and engraved by Iain Henderson Designs, Emma’s has Sirius Black's wand carvings on the outside, and is engraved with 'until the very end' on the inside, and Rob’s reads 'always' in Aurebesh, the language of Star Wars - and they looked incredibly cool if I do say so myself! The wedding favours were very stylish bottles of butterscotch beer with a key and a note that read 'thank you for being a key part of our special day', made by a company called The Potions Cauldron, situated on the Shambles in York, and their beautiful four-tiered cake with Harry Potter and Star wars hints was made by the talented Apple Charlotte.

Everything about Emma & Rob's wedding day was utterly spectacular, and it was such a joy to be a part of!

Please enjoy the highlights below :) and give me a follow on Instagram & Facebook (@rhiscotchbrookphotography)

Photography by Rhi Scotchbrook Photography

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