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Bridesmaid Photograph, Rhi Scotchbrook Wedding Photography, Natural and relaxed wedding

What to expect if you hire us for your wedding day.

Rhi Scotchbrook Photography, Bouquet and Wedding Ring

Before Booking

Before booking with us, we like to make sure that we’re a good match for each another - we’re going to be there throughout one of the most special days of your lives, so essentially we want you to like us and what we do!

We’re documentary photographers. That means that most of the time we tend to stay in the background, capturing your day as it unfolds in the most natural way that we can.

Our clients tend to be laid back and non traditional; if you don’t want tons of portraits, that’s absolutely fine or if you’re adventurous and want to hike up a mountain for photos, that’s cool, we love that too!


Don’t worry if you’re camera shy either, we’re 100% non judgemental and its a part of our job to help you feel at ease and to be comfortable with us and the cameras.


It’s your wedding day and it should wholeheartedly be about you as a couple, your family, your friends, the celebration of your love.


We just want you to be in the moment, having the best day ever with your favourite people and we’ll be there in the background documenting it all for you.

When it comes to portraits, we will never boss you around or pressure you, if you don’t want lots of couple photos, that’s absolutely fine! We have some little prompts to help guide you but these are really just to bring out natural interaction between you both.

Our goal is for you to be able look back on your photos and to feel a reflection of your day within them.

Relaxed Wedding Photography, Lake District, Outdoor Adventurous Bride and Groom
Deepdale farm wedding, relaxed and natural, outdoor wedding photography

Booking & after booking with us.

If you'd love us to to capture your day, then let's make it official! 

The booking process is simple, I'll send you a short questionnaire, as well as your quote, contract, and payment details. Once all that's completed, I'll officially be your photographer/videographer!

You can be in touch with us as much or as little as you like. We usually follow our couples on Instagram and we always recommend that you consider a pre-wedding engagement shoot as this gives us the chance to meet in person and for you to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Around 4 weeks before the big day, we'll send you one more questionnaire for you to fill out all the juicy details of the day, including locations, timings, group photos and all the other good stuff :) 

The Wedding Day.


Before the Ceremony

I usually aim to arrive at morning prep around 1.5-2 hours before the ceremony start time, this gives me a good amount of time to say 'hello' to all you lovely lot, capture the beautiful details and everyone getting ready, all before having to set off to arrive with a bit of time before the ceremony. 

If you’re both at the same location, I'll be able to photograph both sides of morning prep, otherwise you may want to consider adding on a second photographer to your package so we can capture both of your mornings :)

TIP - When having hair/make-up done and getting ready, always try to place yourself as close to a window as possible, natural light is our best friend and yours too!

Bride Prep wedding photography, runa farm wedding venue, rhi scotchbrook photography
Sandburn Hall wedding venue, relaxed outdoor natural, rhi scotchbrook wedding photography

The Ceremony


I’ll be there to capture your guests arriving, being welcomed with all the hugs and smiles, as well as the bridal party arrival.

I like to be as unobtrusive as possible during the ceremony, so I try to choose a place to stand where I will not be a distraction to your or your guests during the marriage. The benefit of having a second photographer is that we can capture the different parts of the ceremony from different angles and perspectives, usually from the back looking down the aisle, and at the front (tucked out the way), so please do ask about a second photographer to your package if you'd like additional moments captured throughout your day.

TIP - During your first kiss, I suggest a 5 second count in your heads, that gives us plenty of time to get the perfect shot. Remember to breathe as you may be nervous now that you’re finally up there. So smile as much as you can, focus on each other and just enjoy it!

confetti wedding photography, outdoor natural relaxed, rhi scotchbrook wedding photography and film maker


I do LOVE confetti - getting confetti shots is so much fun and the photos are always some of my absolute favourites from the day!

If you're planning on having confetti (woo), the more confetti the better! Natural rose petals are great, but suprisingly biodegradeable paper confetti floats much better than heavy petals, which gives a very magical look to the confetti photos, but you choose whatever works best for you!

Group shots.

We just want you to be in the moment, having the best day ever with your favourite people and we’ll be there in the background documenting it all for you.

We also understand that group photos with your close family and friends may be really important to you, so we would love to capture these too for you. We like to keep this part short and sweet, and recommend a maximum of 10 groups.

bridesmaid wedding photography, natural relaxed fun, rhi scotchbrook photography
groomsmen usher wedding photography, relaxed fun natural photo and film video, rhi scotchbrook photography

Every posed group photo takes time away from enjoying time with your loved ones, and the candid, real moments of you and your guests having fun and enjoying themselves!

With that said, they can be as formal or informal as you like, it’s completely up to you. You can always have more traditional photos with relatives and then some fun ones with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Relaxed Wedding Photography, Lake District, Outdoor Adventurous Bride and Groom

Couple Portraits.

Usually straight after the group shots, we will steal you away for 10-15 minutes for some couple photos - this is a good chance for you both to have a moment to yourselves and take in being newlyweds. 


We like to keep this part as natural as possible, just giving a little guidance every now and then, without being overly posey. We'll just take a little walk and capture you both smiling and enjoying one another. 

But if you'd like to do something little more adventurous, we're totally up for that too! 

bride and groom, relaxed fun natural wedding photography
rhi scotchbrook photography, yorkshire wedding, relaxed natural, bride and groom

The Details.

The details of your wedding day are important to us, as we know they're important to you! You spend a lot of time and resources choosing the right details that are personal to your day, so we make a big effort to capture the big and the small details throughout the day.



The speeches are another monumental part of the day!

I love to capture each speaker, as well as the reactions from guests during the speeches and those that the speaker is directly speaking to. There's often so much emotion and a lot of giggles in the room which makes for beautiful raw moments.

golden hour wedding photography, bride and groom, natural and relaxed, rhi scotchbrook photography & film

Sunset Portraits


My absolute favourite time of the day is golden hour, the lighting is so beautiful and makes for some amazing photographs and footage. So if you're up chasing the sunset with us, we'd love to capture some relaxed, romantic moments with you.

Evening Celebrations

As part of my Full Day Package, I will stay with you up until after your first dance. 

But, if you'd like me to stay to capture more of your evening celebrations or send-off, I'd love to stay and capture this for you, just enquire about adding on an additional hour or so, to make sure that no fun moments are missed!

first dance wedding photography runa farm, rhi scotchbrook photography and video film maker
sandburn hall wedding venue, relaxed natural wedding photography, rhi scotchbrook photography and film

Sound like your kinda experience?

I'd love to chat with you! 

All you have to do is fill in my Wedding Enquiry Contact Form, and I'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours :) 

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