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Top Tips for Your Natural Wedding Portraits

As you plan your dream wedding, one thing that you can't overlook is the importance of your portraits, and as a wedding photographer based in Yorkshire, I can’t stress this enough!

These photos will serve as precious memories of your wedding day for years to come, so it's important to get them just right and to ensure that you feel as relaxed as possible.

In this post, I will be sharing my top tips for natural, relaxing, and enjoyable wedding portraits.

So grab your partner, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to soak up these juice tips to create some stunning portraits that you'll cherish forever in your wedding photo book.

Natural Wedding Portraits

  • Discovering Your Natural Smile

  • The Magic of Eye Contact

  • The Importance of Close Contact

  • Adding a Sense of Movement

  • Timing is Key: The Golden Hour

  • Fresh Faced and Florals: Early Day Portraits

  • Embrace the Quirky

  • Be a Little Silly and Giggly

  • Nothing Staged but Pose Guidance

  • Defeating the Weather

Discovering Your Natural Smile

Capturing an authentic smile in your natural wedding portraits can truly make the picture shine.

To achieve this, let your facial muscles relax and think of a joyful memory or share a quick joke with your future spouse or even me, your photographer!

It's key to remember that this day, your wedding day, is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. Let that genuine joy permeate your being and reflect in your smile.

A natural smile not only enhances your photos but also creates a resonating vibe of sheer, untouched happiness.

The Magic of Eye Contact

The gaze shared between a couple can often speak volumes, portraying a story of love and connection that words cannot capture.

When capturing natural wedding portraits, utilise this powerful tool. Allow yourselves to become lost in each other's gaze, unveiling the love, anticipation and thrill that is undeniably present.

While it may feel slightly intimidating to maintain eye contact in such an intimate setting, it's worth the vulnerability. The emotion captured in these moments of connection can create some of the most profound and memorable images from your wedding day.

Don't hold back. Let your eyes, brimming with love and shared secrets, narrate your story.

The Importance of Close Contact

Intimacy lies at the heart of every love story, and your natural wedding portraits should reflect this special bond.

Having close physical contact in your photos is not just about portraying love, it's also about creating a sense of authenticity and naturalness.

Whether we are capturing couple portraits or group family wedding portraits, you could be holding hands, enveloping each other in a warm embrace, or simply leaning into each other; these little acts of affection help to convey your unity as a family.

Adding a Sense of Movement

Movement within your natural wedding portraits can create an added depth and dynamism that truly brings your photos to life.

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. A simple, shared stroll hand-in-hand or a spontaneous twirl in your wedding gown can be enough to infuse your photos with an element of action and excitement.

Perhaps, it could even be the delicate flutter of your veil caught in the whisper of a breeze. These subtle movements can introduce a layer of realism and vivacity to your portraits, making them all the more compelling and captivating.

So, when it comes to your wedding photos, don't just pose, move. Enjoy these moments, let them flow naturally and watch as your photos spring to life, brimming with energy and love.

Timing is Key: The Golden Hour

There's a certain enchantment that the golden hour casts, the time just after sunrise or prior to sunset when everything basks in a gentle, warm glow.

This sublime radiance is particularly flattering, creating a dream-like aura that beautifully enhances your natural wedding portraits. Yet, this shouldn't suggest that all your photos ought to be confined to this period.

The golden hour offers an unmissable opportunity for some truly breathtaking shots especially when your wedding photos are framed and as your photographer, I will ensure we don’t miss this magical moment! 

Fresh Faced and Florals: Early Day Portraits

There's something truly captivating about the freshness of the early day.

The soft morning light creates a serene ambience, effortlessly enhancing your bridal glow and the vibrant beauty of your wedding blooms.

Opting for early-day portraits not only ensures that your make-up and hair are still pristine but also that your flowers are in their prime, exuding radiance and colour.

These moments, when everything is still untouched and crisp, can result in some of the most stunningly natural and authentically charming photographs.

The tranquillity of the morning, combined with your fresh-faced beauty and the palette of your florals, can weave together to paint an extraordinarily lovely start to your natural wedding portraits.

Embrace the Quirky

Unleashing your unique quirks into your wedding portraits can turn them into personalised masterpieces.

Do you and your partner share matching tattoos, funny socks or funky shoes? Maybe you have a family heirloom accessory that has been passed down through generations? Or perhaps, you have a secret handshake or a favourite dance move that always gets you both giggling? Let these quirks take centre stage in some of your photos.

Not only will they add a playful element to your portraits, but they also act as visual love letters, showcasing your distinctive bond.

It's these special, eccentric details that truly reflect your personalities, and when woven into your natural wedding portraits, they add a dash of character.

So, let loose, be yourselves, and let your photos ooze with the charm of your shared oddities. 

Be a Little Silly and Giggly

Ditch the serious facade and allow your playfulness to seep into your wedding portraits.

It's the bursts of laughter, the teasing nudges and the staged surprises that often lead to the most memorable images. These are the moments that encapsulate your pure joy, companionship and the unfiltered merriment of the day.

Let go of any preconceived notions of perfection and instead, aim to let your photos reflect the authentic happiness that is brewing between the two of you. Remember, it’s the candid, unexpected and downright silly moments that often hold the greatest charm.

So go on, be a little silly, giggle like there’s no tomorrow, and watch as your natural wedding portraits come alive with the magic of real emotion and mirth!

Nothing Staged But Pose Guidance

Navigating the world of posing for your portraits can seem like a daunting task.

Yet, with a little guidance from your photographer, it doesn't have to be. While it's vital to remain authentic and true to yourselves, a few tips and tricks can help your photos radiate elegance and ease. Ensuring we truly create those natural wedding portraits!

The aim isn't to transform you into someone you're not but to amplify the beauty that is yours. Poses are merely tools that can accentuate your best features, creating an aesthetic balance in your photos.

So, work hand in hand with me as your photographer, where we can explore poses that make you feel comfortable, confident and radiant.

Remember, a pose is never about achieving a picture-perfect image, but about capturing your honest charm and charisma in its best light.

Defeating the Weather

Regardless of the weather, your wedding day will be an unforgettable one, because it's your day!

Welcome the weather in all its unpredictability and turn it into an advantage for your natural wedding portraits. A sudden shower could set the stage for wonderfully romantic photos under an umbrella, providing a beautiful contrast and a timeless charm.

On a sunny day, the natural light can be harnessed to add a warm and radiant glow to your photos. Embrace the weather conditions as they are, and allow them to play a role in the story of your special day.

It's important to remember that there's no such thing as perfect weather, only perfect moments. So whether you're bathed in sunshine or dancing in the rain, your love story remains the heart of your portraits.

So come what may, weather-wise, your day will be everything you dreamed it would be because it’s a celebration of your unique love story.

Ready to Book Your Wedding Photography?

Now you have my top tips for your natural wedding portraits you can be confident that as your photographer I will provide you with an easy-going experience throughout. As your photographer I want you to fully indulge in your day and feel as relaxed as possible.

If you’re ready to enquire about your wedding photography in Yorkshire or beyond then get in touch with me today.

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