My name is Rhi, and I specialise in Wedding & Portrait photography. I photograph people in all walks of life to capture memories, beauty and creativity. My photographic style is relaxed, enjoyable, and tasteful, I pay attention to detail and bring a smile wherever I go.


My fantastic husband, Kieran, is my partner in crime. Kieran is the second photographer in our company and second shoots for me at all our weddings. He also does a fab job at organising the formal group photographs. Basically, he's just awesome! 


We are based in Yorkshire, but travel all over! We photograph Weddings, Events, Families, Babies and more!

Engagement / Pre-wedding Photographs

I love to offer couples who are engaged to be married a pre-wedding shoot, not only because I totally love them, but also because I think it is incredibly important to spend time getting to know your wedding photographer before the big day! 

Pre-wedding shoots allow the couple to feel comfortable infront of the camera together and to get familiar with the photographer's style and technique. Your wedding photographer is going to be there from the start of your wedding day, right til the end, so it's important that you feel comfortable with them and their style!

I've had so many couples say to me at the start of the session how they find it awkward having their photo taken, especially in such an intimate setting, but as we get to know each other, have some giggles and get into it, by half way through they've become naturals!

A Few Things I love!

     Contemporary Dance           Travelling           Chai Latte's     

Dark Chocolate (somewhere between 60-75%)      Interior Design 

       Warm weather & Sunshine (ie. not the UK)     My Husband    Gypsophilla         Sunflowers         Learning Spanish    

Indian & Mediterranean Cuisine        Jesus       Baking & Cooking     Camping         Folk & Country Music        Spending Time with Nature

About 2 hours prior to the ceremony I will arrive to photograph the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, as well as detailed shots of the dress, flowers, jewellery etc. 
About 30 minutes before the ceremony, I will arrive to photograph the groom and groomsmen greeting guests, the brides arrival and the ceremony taking place.
I will then photograph natural and candid moments throughout the day as it unfolds, capturing real emotion and joy. 
After the ceremony, arranged group photos take place. I advise no more than 12 groups, otherwise this part of the day begins to take over and people will be waiting around for a long time. 
My favourite part of the day is having the chance to take away the bride and groom to have their photographs taken in a beautiful location. I normally factor in about 45 minutes for this.
During the sit down meal, I also ask if it is possible for myself and my husband to also be catered for, as we're likely to have been on our feet and not had the chance to eat since early that morning. So a meal and a sit down would be so appreciated! 
If you have chosen my 10 hour package, I photograph the evening events up until the first dance (and a little after - to photograph the guests getting their groove on ). If you're planning on having a send-off such as a sparkler tunnel/confetti cannon/fireworks, you may want to consider my 12 hour package.

If you've not already guessed, I really love photography. I love photographing people. People are amazing! What I love about people is that everyone is different, different faces, different attitudes, different smiles. I love capturing peoples emotions through my images, hence why I love wedding photography so much as there is so much emotion on that one day.

Making memories is important, having a photograph to re-live and share is bliss ♥


My love for photography started off as a hobby when I got my first little pocket camera, where I began taking photographs of the simplest things. At 18 I upgraded to a Nikon DSLR and studied photographic journalism for a year in Leeds.

From there onwards, my love for photography become my drive to start up my very own photography business, so that I can do what I love every day!

I specialise in wedding photography and portraiture, which includes family photography, maternity and engagements, children and newborn... so A bit of everything really! But I also love to try new things and have my hand in all sorts such as; property photography, product photography, pet photography and travel photography.

I live in the beautiful city of York with my amazing husband, Kieran (also my second shooter, we're a good team!). But I travel all around the UK to photograph weddings, families and events. 
Kieran and I love to see the world, meet new people, share stories and do what we love.. we're the creative, friendly type!